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GuzzleGoop synthetic fish attractants


Now available !

GuzzleGoop is a unique synthetic fish attractant paste designed for application to fishing lures, flies and squid jigs. 

This market leading product uses patented technology and highly concentrated scientifically proven synthetic attractants originally developed for aquaculture  to excite the taste and smell receptors of aquatic animals.  When used on fishing lures, GuzzleGoop dissolves into the water at a controlled rate, leaving a potent scent trail that makes your presentation taste virtually identical to the proximal composition of a live bait !  Fish will bite, hang on and come back for more !  For best results, it should be reapplied every 15 to 20 minutes.  

Research and development done in Australian aquaculture facilities showed that 95% of fish attractant products on the market did not work, and that 75% were actually repellents.  Guzzlegoop is  the only fish attractant on the market today designed for application to all types of fishing lures and flies that has both the scientific evidence and real world tournament wins to back its effectiveness. 

"I have been fishing professional Bass Tournaments now for just over ten years, I’m always looking for the edge on my other competitors in an extremely tough field, and after a lot of experiments and research with different scents I've finally found one that actually works. I have been using Guzzlegoop for just over a year now and have had too many mind blowing experiences in that time with it to name them all. "

Carl Jocumsen
2 times champion Angler Of The Year (2006) (2008)
Highest all time money earner in the Australian professional fishing tournament series.

Our saltwater formula is now available for overseas markets (not in Australia) and is dynamite on a wide range of saltwater fish and squid. We also have freshwater formulations for largemouth bass, european carp and salmonids

GuzzleGoop comes in a convenient 75 gram squeeze bottle that will last many fishing trips under normal conditions of use.

Boost your strike rate with GuzzleGoop!


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